Skineasi® Comfoot | Anti-Shoe-Bite Gel (10G)

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SkinEasi® comfoot is a preventive, anti-shoe-bite gel specially developed to protect your feet from redness, shoe-bites and blisters caused due to friction between your feet and footwear.

The gel uses a patented Protective Layer Technology made of skin-friendly silicone elastomers to give you long-lasting protection even in the presence of sweat or moisture.

Important Disclaimer
SkinEasi® comfoot does NOT reduce dark spots, pigmentation or blisters to allergies. It only PREVENTS shoe-bites & blisters caused by friction.


  • 100% safe for daily use
  • 8+ hours of protection
  • Non-greasy & non-staining
  • Sweat proof & water repellent
  • Allows skin to breathe
  • Self-adjusts to movement
  • Works with all types of male and female footwear

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SkinEasi® comfoot


Why Use Skineasi® Comfoot?

Anti-Shoe-Bite gel

Never get a shoe bite or blister again!

When you apply SkinEasi® comfoot to your feet before wearing your footwear, it creates a unique Protective Layer on your feet that prevents shoe-bites by reducing friction between your feet and footwear in the following areas:

  • Heels
  • Ankles
  • Bridges
  • Little toes
  • Bunions
  • Between the toes


SkinEasi® comfoot only prevents rub-rashes (rashes caused by friction). It does not heal or prevent rashes caused by other factors like allergies or sweat rashes.

Suitable For All Kinds Of Footwear


What are shoe-bites?


What Are Shoe-Bites?

Shoe-bites are friction-related skin problems caused due to the rubbing of your feet against your footwear when you walk. The presence of sweat or moisture can make the friction between feet and footwear worse.

When ignored, shoe-bites can make your walking difficult and painful, and may lead to serious infections.


How It Works

The Science Behind Skineasi® Comfoot

SkinEasi® comfoot is a patented anti-shoe-bite gel made of skin-friendly silicone elastomers to give you everyday protection from shoe-bites and blisters.

When applied to shoe-bite prone areas of your feet before you wear footwear, the non-greasy gel creates a unique Protective Layer that is sweat proof and water-repellent. The protective layer self-adjusts to your feet’s movement to prevent friction between the skin and footwear. The gel works on all types of footwear for men and women, and is 100% safe for daily use.

SkinEasi® has been formulated to suit India’s hot and humid tropical climate and is completely safe for daily use to prevent shoe-bites. It is also certified as non-irritant and non-sensitizing to skin as per US FDA testing methodology.

How To Use

How To Use

Before you put on your footwear, follow these simple steps.

Better Than Makeshift Solutions

Better & More Long
Lasting Than Bandage Tapes!



How does it work?

When applied, SkinEasi® comfoot gel forms an ultra-thin, but strong silicone Protective Layer within 30 seconds of its application on shoe-bite prone areas. This protective layer acts as a barrier between feet skin and footwear, thus preventing shoe-bites. The protective layer formed by SkinEasi® comfoot is barely noticeable, long-lasting, non-allergenic, water-repellent and most importantly breathable, unlike other makeshift solutions. 

Skineasi® comfoot gel gives a silky feel to skin and works well in presence of water or moisture.

What does it contain?

Skineasi® comfoot is a skin protecting gel made of silicone elastomers, polysiloxanes, starch and silicates made using patented unique Protective Layer technology.

How safe is it?

It is safe, we have tested this for biocompatibility as per US FDA guidelines and it is proven to be non-irritating and non-sensitizing. It does not contain any allergens or harmful chemicals or animal origin ingredients and is very safe for daily use.

How is it different from petroleum jelly or bandage-tapes products?

  1. It is not oily, hence does not give a sticky feeling. It gives a silky matte-finish feel, it feels like it’s almost not there. 
  2. Adhesive based bandage-tapes can lose stickiness and peel off quickly.
  3. It lasts long on the skin, thus providing long-lasting protection to feet.

Will it get rubbed off by sweat / water?

No, it is water repellent and works well in the presence of sweat. In fact, it will not come off even in the rain.

How do I remove the layer after my activity?

A wash with any ordinary soap will easily remove the protective layer.

Can I apply to all parts of my foot?

Yes, you can apply on the foot, wherever you are prone to blisters and shoe-bites. Please do not use it on the sole as the gel reduces friction drastically and may cause you to slip.

My adhesive or medicated bandage tapes works fine, why should I use Skineasi comfoot?

Tapes be it adhesive or medicated are used often however they block the skin completely and wear off easily in presence of sweat or moisture. They even wear off near the skin folds or at the back of heels due to the structure of the feet and may not last long. SkinEasi® comfoot forms a protective layer that is breathable and also allows sweat to pass through it. Further, it will not get washed off in the presence of water and continue protecting your skin. Most importantly, tapes are visible and may not look good on your beautiful feet while Skineasi comfoot is barely noticeable after application and doesn’t spoil the look of your favourite shoes. Furthermore,  SkinEasi® comfoot is designed for hot and humid climate and maintains a dry and comfortable feeling on the applied foot.

Will it help if blisters are formed?

No, please do not apply to torn skin or once blisters have been formed. Use SkinEasi® comfoot as a preventive solution and remain shoe-bite and blister-free.

How often should I apply it?

SkinEasi® comfoot should be used daily or whenever you are expected to have shoe-bites. Before you wear your heels or shoe bite causing footwear, apply a small amount and spread it evenly. Stay shoe-bite free throughout the day.


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